Pirates of New Horizons

Pirates of New Horizons Prototype

Charming 3D space pirate adventure


  • Looks good
  • Solid environment
  • Good controls
  • Fun and funny!


  • Short

Very good

Pirates of New Horizons is a prototype single player 3D adventure about a young space pirate named Annha. Mixing swordplay, platforming and exploration, it looks like it will be a hit with fans of the Nintendo classics like Zelda and Mario.

For an indie game, Pirates of New Horizons is visually impressive. It's been developed with the excellent Unity engine, and is brightly colored and well animated. There are graphical touches that will remind players of Zelda, but this is a much lighter game.

Pirates of New Horizons' controls are deigned around an Xbox 360 controller, and while keyboard and mouse are possible, it's much better with the joypad. The gameplay isn't revolutionary, but it's fun and the puzzles aren't all simple. There are some neat quirks too, due to it being a prototype (talk to the shopkeepers!).

Pirates of New Horizons is a charming adventure game, that really deserves to be developed into a full game. For now, this prototype is a really enjoyable, albeit short experience.

Pirates of New Horizons


Pirates of New Horizons Prototype

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